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AAA Intergalactic Investments Group's engagement in agriculture is based on the value of the African food industry such as organic foods, coffee, cacao, and the value of other agricultural products such as cotton. Global consumers fuelled by rising prosperity and healthcare awareness are increasingly demanding products without genetic manipulations.

The international active AAA Intergalactic Investments Group's farms' team consists exclusively of trained agricultural economists and farmers.

Investments in vegetable oil, timber, and other agricultural products are particularly attractive to investors looking for a low overall risk. The volume invested in agriculture including the food production has been rising steadily.

The expansion of agricultural products requires land as well as time for tree growth and sustainable product management. The world population is proliferating and is changing its land-use requirements and allocations. The preference and consumption of the best quality agricultural products have been continuously increasing with the economic development of a country. Simultaneously, the demand for land in correlation with new company locations, the growing need of housing for local populations, and the respect for the environment is of tremendous importance. These factors lead to a diminution of areas being available for agricultural production. The value and profit drivers of an agriculture investment are related to the time of plant and tree growth, land prices, and management ensuring the maturation of plants and the best fair prices for the harvested and sold products.

AAA Intergalactic Investment Group's sustainable investments teams coordinate and control several global and regional-focused strategies and activities in Europe, South, North, Central, West, and East Africa.

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